Shittiest thanksgiving 🥺

I’m really starting to despise my partner.

I know he gives me everything by letting me be a stay at home mom but there’s only so much I can take

I spent ALL DAY cooking I really don’t know why since it’s just me and him because none of my family likes him due to past situations.

And so he doesn’t let ANY of my family come over. Only his because “he pays the bills”

Anyways after all this cooking

He finally wakes up(he sleeps all day because he works a night job)

Anyways he wakes up as I’m serving him a plate I had music on my baby in her sit me up it was nice

I asked him if he wanted gravy on his mash and his response was “I’m not hungry”

I can’t tell you how sad that made me i just wanted to cry because I did all of this for nothing

My church gave me a bunch of thanksgiving stuff for dinner including a 16ib turkey

I didn’t even know how to cook a turkey but I tried.

Anyways that happens so I say whatever and just sit and watch my show because at that point I wasn’t even hungry either.

He goes back to sleep and wakes up like an hour or two later

I’m doing a sending money from my Venmo to my brother to pay our phones (money was from my mom)

Anyways i see a transaction on my boyfriends account scrolling through the feed because on Venmo it shows who people send money to or receive money from.

I saw a the name Alex sent him money with the reason for money sent to my boyfriend was “driving”

So me being curious I clicked on the name and I saw different things this person sending money to a guy named Austin saying “for being cute”

And to another person a girl named Adrianna saying “for being my twin”!

On Venmo it asked what the money you’re sending is for and you can put emojis or real reasons.

Anyways i assume it’s a girl and I ask him and he got defensive

Said “it was someone he grew up with that’s a guy”

Blah blah blah then he switching up the story I’m like whatever I don’t care I just stay quite and ignore him and he keeps coming at me saying why why why and push comes to shove he says “if you’re not gonna talk to me then just call your mom and fucking leave”

So I did

He took the key so that implied he didn’t want me to come back of course I took my baby because he’s going to work.

Ridiculous and he starts yelling at me that she’s gonna get more sick if i take her out???? But what the fuck he told me to leave and that isn’t the first time he has Everytime we fight he ends up telling me that.

I’m sick of it but I literally have no where else to move to and I suck it up for my daughter.

I may seem like I’m overreacting and dramatic but to spend all day cooking and getting treated like that makes my stomach turn and just cry.

I wish I had tough skin

I should’ve just kept my mouth shut and gone to sleep

My daughter was already sleeping and I had to wake her up so we could leave.

I’ve told him before anyways my daughter goes where I go

And him telling me to leave is just like telling our daughter to leave. I’m so sick of this.