Deadbeat pos part 2


So I found out what my ex filed for. He’s asking for unsupervised overnight visitation from Friday’s to Sunday nights 😂 I honestly can’t help but laugh at his stupidity. Also he’s now in a new relationship with a girl who has three kids after just leaving his one year relationship with someone who had six kids. All while still being married and nowhere being divorced. I have court in January and let me just say how paranoid and irritated I am. He’s already somehow got unsupervised visitation with his three other kids who are under the age of 5 all thanks to his wife fucking up in court in June. So I’m scared he’ll get it with my daughter too. He’s back with his controlling manipulating family which I have proof of that he uses these poor kids as pawns for money from his family. And certifications from both him and his wife from a couple years stating that his family locked my daughter in a bedroom to question her. My daughters therapist will be writing me a letter stating there should be absolutely no overnights and supervised visitation only. How the fuck does someone who hasn’t seen their child in almost a year ask for two overnights a week!? He doesn’t even have overnights with his other kids. He has no home because he’s living in the girlfriends house. I’m just so irritated with this whole thing. Like why can’t he just leave me the fuck alone!