Mother in law


So I had a 4d ultrasound done of my precious little boy and I gave printed copies to my parents and my husbands parents because we want them to be involved. Me and my husband are very private though and even with social media we have shared very little about it just because we would rather enjoy it with people we see more often and share what we like with those who choose not to come around. Well long story short my mother in law took a picture of the picture we gave her and posted it on facebook without asking and tagged us both so it automatically shows everyone. Me and my husband dont want him on social media but my husband instantly defended her and now I'm just upset. I didnt say anything when I gave her the picture because honestly I didn't think about her doing it. I dont want to cause drama but it bothers me and unfortunately she is not someone I can just ask to take it down because in her mind it's her right.

Am I just hormonal and emotional or do I get a say in what's posted of my baby?