The person I’m dating has a female friend and I believe he has feelings for her


So I’m dating this person and he has this female friend that he met less than a year ago. He constantly texts her, drives to see her at her school, FaceTimes her, calls her and occasionally hangs out with her at night in his car. He says it’s because he’s just a very friendly person and that he treats all his female friends like that but he really doesn’t. So he accuses me of being delusional and insecure bc I want him to get some distance from that girl. And it doesn’t help that the girl is very flirty with guys so it doesn’t make me feel any less safe when he’s around her. I don’t trust her and I don’t trust him with her. He says he doesn’t like her but with me he doesn’t go out of his way to see me or make plans with me, he doesn’t FaceTime me or call me and texts me few times a day. Am I being delusional or does he have a thing for her? 😕