Subchronic hematoma

due 4-26-2020

I am hate that I ended up having a subchronic hematoma at 14 in half weeks pregnant but I'm also a little relief that I was not the only one that went through this I am currently 19 weeks and 4/5 days and doing much better. It is a scary thought of having a miscarriage but my high risk O.B.G.Y.N says that I'm going to be ok my baby is very active has a great heart rate and everything is growing as it should. I was on bedrest but now just currently on pelvic rest and have to take it easy for those who are going through this you will be ok and my prayers are going out to each and everyone of us cause yes things can change really quickly but my doc is very optimistic about my pregancy and based on the ultrasound I'm stabled and currently my placenta has not detached anymore. I was also diagnosed with placenta previa so all of this is very scary but she reassure me that I will be ok and not to stress. I'm not saying u cant or wont have a miscarriage because everyone is different but so far I've made it this far and never had any cramps or pains no back ache NOTHING just the bright red bleeding with a big clot earlier on when it first happen at 14 weeks and now I currently just have brown spotting every now and then some times its there sometimes I go days with out no brown spotting, but still no aches or pains and i always feel my baby move ALOT which also give me alot faith that I will make it. Any questions please feel free to message me