Orgasm induced convulsions?


I’m 24 weeks on Sunday. My husband and i have been having sex more often. He works shift work and has been home for three days, in those three days we’ve had sex four times which is unlike us. We usually just have it once the night before he goes back to work, he works for 72hrs and then we repeat the process of just doing it the night before returning to work.

(I only add our normal routine because I feel like that might help getting advice if y’all get a little background.)

My husband and I have always had a great sex life, this situation has only happened once prior, when we were dating and I had my first ever orgasm and afterward when he got off of me, My muscles started rapidly contracting, so much so he wanted to call 911. Now we’ve been married almost four years, pregnant with our second, just had sex and when I got off of him, I started having bad convulsions. I never blacked out, my whole body just rapidly started contracting and honestly I was a little scary for me and him. I plan to call my doctor tomorrow to see if they can see me sooner but my current appointment is the third.

I’m a little sore now, like all over and about to go to bed.

Advice ? What do you think? My husband is a firefighter/EMT and we both don’t think it was a seizure because my only symptom was rapid convulsions. I’m just concerned now. Mostly for my little baby.