My birth story 😍


After 21 months of fertility treatments and 39 weeks and 2 days carrying her she’s finally here !!!

My due date was originally November 30th but we decided on an elective induction due to a small pelvis and baby measuring big.

On Sunday, November 24th my husband and I headed to the hospital at 5 pm to start cytotex to try and open up my cervix. I was a 1 when we went in and by 6 am we were 2-3 cm. At 6 am we started pitocin to get the party started as they said my cervix felt really nice. At 730 am my doctor made her rounds and decided to go ahead and break my water as she could reach it. 5 hours I lasted before I had no choice but to get an epidural as she was sitting funny and I was having back contractions from hell.

Epidural worked fully for about 2 hours so I got some sleep. At one point the nurse wanted me on my left side to use a peanut ball to open up my pelvis since I wasn’t allowed to walk anymore and this is where everything went south... while on my left side baby girl decided to turn her body and sit at an angle. She completely cut off the epidural going to my left side so I felt every single contraction beginning to end for over 5 hours. Any time I moved I was in pain. All I wanted was to lay on my left side to relieve the pain but when I would turn on my left side her heart rate would plummet. If I laid on my right side it intensified the contractions on my left side. It was horrible.

Eventually our amazing nurse got me in a position on my left side to where her heart rate was steady and we worked on moving her head from my hip as well as doing every bolus we could from the epidural machine to catch back up on the pain. After about two hours I finally felt some relief. They sat me back up and I slept sitting up with my head on the side table. At 9 pm the nurse came in to say my dr was on the way to check me as she didn’t like the stress the baby was under.

Unfortunately for me, even though we were at 8 cm dilated her head just wasn’t where it needed to be. So we got ready for an emergency csection. At 9:35 pm miss Evelyn Wynters was born crying her heart out.

Daddy got to hold her first as I was shaking so bad from the hormones my husband literally thought I was seizing on the table. She weighed in at 8 lbs and 3 oz and was 21 inches long. Even though my experience was not what I wanted at all, I wouldn’t change anything to have my baby here now.