The Waterpark- Part 4 ( Carter’s POV)

She tangles her hands in my curls and tugs on them, earning her a moan from me. I wrap a fist in her hair and push her lips closer to mine to deepen the kiss. She opens her mouth and I slip my tongue in, both of us moaning at the relief. I wrap my arms around her waist holding her as close as humanly possible. She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me to her. I travel my lips down her jaw, neck and collarbone. I hear her breathing get heavier the lower I get.

“ Does that feel good?” I ask softly.

She nods. “ Yes. Please keep going.” She moans. I smile and continue my gentle assault. She sighs as I reach the spot just under her ear. She tugs at my hair as my tongue darts out to touch that spot. She walks backward towards the border of the pool until her back hits it. I steady myself with my hands as the impact of her back hitting the border hits me. She pulls my head up from her neck and brings my lips to hers. I slide my hands down her sides and grip her thick thighs. Without breaking the kiss, I bend down to pick her up. She wraps her legs around my waist and I push her against the border. I kiss down her jaw, neck and collarbone. I stop when I get to her cleavage. She looks up at me, her eyes burning with want.

“ Can I take off your bra?” I ask, even though her eyes flash “ Yes” like a neon sign.

“ Please.” She whispers. She arches her back to give me more access. I move my hands to her back and unclasp the hook and pull the straps off of her. I see her eyes become distant as she wonders how I learned to do that so fast. I answer her thoughts by pressing my lips to hers tenderly.

“ It’s always been you.” I whisper into the kiss. She nods. I kiss all the way down to her full breasts and massage them as I kiss her lips. She moans into the kiss as I run my fingertip lightly over her hard nipple. I break the kiss to suck on her nipple. She throws her head back in pleasure. Her grip on my hair tightens as I suck on one nipple and pinch the other one. I go up to kiss her lips and she pushes my head back down.

She shakes her head. “ Don’t stop.” She begs. I smile and continue my previous actions. She pulls my head up and puts it on her neck. She’s so fucking dominant, I love it. I lick her neck and she moans loudly. I lick the other side and she tugs on my hair. She takes my hand from her neck and brings it down to her pussy. I smirk and decide to tease her.

“ You want me to touch you, baby?” I whisper in her ear. She nods.

“ You have to say it baby. With words.” I egg on.

“ I want you to touch me Carter. Please.” She begs. I smile, loving the way my name sounds coming from her full lips. I bite her earlobe and begin rubbing her through her panties. She moans loudly from the relief.

“ Do I make you feel good baby?” I ask her.

“ Yes Carter.” She moans. “ So fucking good.” I continue to rub her pussy and I feel her nails dig into my biceps telling me she’s close. I lift her up and set her on the side of the pool.

“ I want to taste you baby.” I say, my eyes pleading as I look up at her.

“ Please.” She nods frantically. I pull her panties down and set them on the side of the pool next to her bra. I step back to admire her.

“ God, you’re fucking perfect, you know that?” I ask her. She bites her lip.

“ You can’t do that.” I say. “ Don’t fucking do that unless you want me to lose control.” I warn her. She smirks but stops. She pulls me by my chain back to her.

“ What do you want Shay?” I tease.

“ You.” She answers simply. That’s all I needed. I dip my head down and immediately start licking her folds.

“ Oh!” She gasps. Her fingers immediately find my curls and tug. I suck on her most sensitive bundle of nerves.

“ Oh my god, oh my god.” She whines. I bite the inside of her pussy hard, but not hard enough to hurt her.

“ Oh my god, don’t stop Carter. Don’t stop.” She begs. I hook my arms under her thighs and spread her legs even further.

“ Oh!” She moans as my tongue hits deeper. She covers her mouth with her hand and digs her nails into my shoulder. She starts to shake, telling me she’s close to orgasm. I switch my tongue with my finger and she gasps. I lift up to kiss her lips as my fingers bring her over the edge. She moans into my mouth and tugs at my hair as her orgasm washes over her. She rests her head on my shoulder and I lift her off of the border. I set her down on the pool floor and her legs wobble. I grab her hand and pull her to me. I hold her and stroke her hair and she regains her composure. She lifts her head from my chest and kisses me.

“ I want to reciprocate.” She says into the kiss. I pull away and stroke her hair.

“ Please do.”

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