So I'm still married to the father of my unborn child.  We are getting a divorce because of his cheating and emotional abuse and just a huge mess.  He actually pretty much abandoned us when I told him we were pregnant. He went out of control threatening and I though my world was going to end. This was my husband after all.  Forward 6 months he decided to contact me the Friday before my birthday earlier this month, we've talked on the phone  just basic conversation, heck even friendly( I forgave him a while back... It's the only way I've been able to move on with this new life) so we've been talking good up until recently..... He wanted the wedding rings and honestly I could care less so I sent it to him along with things we had while together, my wedding dress, cards he had given me and even a note I was going to send him the week before I found out about the cheating and everything.  He received this package on the 19th however did not open it until I'm assuming this week since every time I'd ask him he'd say he was too busy to go downstairs to his building mail room. 
Now he's not even replied to anything I've texted him. I'm confused. He wanted the package after all and I put everything in there since I couldn't stand to stare at it at all anymore.  Did I do something wrong? I'm not sure what it is? He's the one who abandoned me newly pregnant and did all this.  I'm confused ladies.