16 weeks and a hematoma

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So I'm not the most patient mama. I have an anatomy scan on January 7 but I couldn't wait!!! I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hematoma at 6.5 weeks and the ER doctor told me I would miscarry. Well ladies she was wrong!!! Baby and I have made it to 16.4 weeks and going strong! I went to little bellies ultrasound and paid for a gender reveal just to find out that I am having my first girl after five boys! OMG 😍! The ultrasound tech also looked at the placement of the hematoma and it is opposite of the placenta and not harming the baby. Such a sigh of relief and now I feel like I can really bond with my first daughter! So so so happy! Good luck Mama's and baby dust!!! Malani Marleigh Mckane is in the oven 🌈👣😘🤰💞