Sooo I have a 2 month old I’m 19 my boyfriend is 21

We both live with our families right now as he’s saving up working.

He will not let me work and I kinda can’t my daughter has too much problems with choking and stopping breathing that I have to keep an eye on her at all times ! Anyways he’s the only one working and isn’t doing anything to save for us to move out to a cheap apartment close by. Hes always spending and I know I can’t say anything coz it’s his money but damn he doesn’t even come to see me and my daughter but once a week and he gets to chill all day at his house and play video games and buy hella foods while I’m struggling at my moms no sleep no help from him except diapers and wipes ... but he’s always spending money and keeps saying we will move out soon but everytime I turn around he’s bought something else and I know he doesn’t have that much ...

What do I do if I can’t work ??? And wtf I’m mad he’s getting off scotch free basically living luxury while I’m taking care of our daughter