Breastfeeding question

So the plan was to EB, but the second night in the hospital, baby screamed bloody murder for hours straight, I thought he had gas or wasn’t being fed enough and it was breaking my the point the nurses took him for a couple hours just to give my fiancé and I a break (we hadn’t slept since the birth lol) and suggested giving him a supplementation formula bottle. Since then I’ve been breastfeeding still but also supplementing...It kind of makes me disappointed in myself but my son will literally sit on my boob all day long if I let him lol he will nurse all night, I can’t function on no sleep...for the first week he was home I tried to strictly nurse overnight and occasionally give him a 2 oz bottle of formula...he would nurse and I’d try to lay him down and he’s scream until he started nursing again and have to start all over....sooooo anyway, sorry for the rant...I’ve got too comfortable with the supplementing and started supplementing when we’re out places because I’m not one to pull my boob out at my older sons basketball games, or public places, etc to nurse...I have pumped a few times, never really got much and used my haaka a few times but I don’t want to let the supplementing get away from me...soo my question is, is it too late to start pumping? Is it too late to build it back up? They rarely leak or feel super full...I still get milk out but I rarely feel like he’s totally full from breast milk unless he’s nursed for a long time. I would like to fix this. any advice? Is it too late?