Dip in supply HELP!

Kaitlyn • Married, 26, 👶🫄

The holidays seriously messed up my supply. I had been expressing 6-7 oz extra a day, but with all the running around, I wasn't able to pump like I normally do. 3 days of being off my pumping schedule made my supply tank and now I'm getting 3 oz a day if I'm lucky. I've been back in my pumping schedule for a few days now, but it doesn't seem like it's helping much. Any tips on how to get it back fast? I'm trying to get a stockpile before I have to go back to work in February.

Right now I pump for 10-15 mins after each feeding. I definitely get enough water to drink. I don't take any supplements other than a prenatal. I'm open to suggestions of some supplements, but want to limit that as much as possible as I want to be able to donate extra milk later on.