Boss (PART 3): I Want More

I walked into the office the next day with my legs being sore, but my pussy wanted more. I sat down at my desk business per usual. Then the Manager walks up to my and says “Stand up and come with me Ms.Anderson.” “Excuse me? May I ask why?” “You have violated the dress code, and I’m going to gave to write you up.” “ I apologize for disagreeing but all of my work clothes are up to code.” “Ms.Anderson, please come with me, I’ve delt with enough stupidity for the day.” Then out of no where my knight in shining armor appears... “ What’s the problem Beck?” My boss says in a stern voice. “She violated the dress code.” “ I’ll take care of it Beck, Ms.Anderson please come with me.” I follow him to his office and we walk into a closet type box and he presses a button that leads into a secret room. Christian steps forward and I follow behind very diligently. In this room it’s a very large bedroom, atleast it looked like it. King size bed and beautiful view. Christian pick me up and sets me on a tall table. “ You’ve been a bad girl, I’m going to need to punish you.” He forcefully rips my shirt of my sucks my nipples moving down and lifting up my skirt and taking off my panties, he starts eating my pussy, sucking my clit and putting his tongue inside my sweet wet hole. “Damn baby girl you taste so good.” “I’d rather taste you daddy.” As soon as I said that I almost regretted it. He picks me up and carries me to the bed and bends me over his knee. “ Don’t ever tell daddy what the fuck to do.” He begins to spank me and I moan out in pleaser and in pain. I want him to fuck me so bad but I can’t ask for it, but I can beg for it. He sets me on the bed and takes off his pants. His huge cock hard and throbbing, and I pounce quickly and begin deep throating him, and his moans make me even wetter. “Get on your hands and knees.” He said forcefully. I do what I’m told and he begins to tease me with his thick hard tip he inserts himself inside me and I jolt. He begins pounding me, I’m grabbing on to sheets and pillows anything that can help me soak in all this pleasure. He pushes me forward and reaches into a drawer and pulls out handcuff and handcuffs my hands above my head and on the bed. “ Don’t moan or else you will be punished.” I nod knowingly that I will be punished and he inserts himself inside me once again. I bit my lip and almost tighten my whole body. He begins slow and starts going faster and faster until I can’t take it anymore I scream in pleasure and he starts pounding me into the next century. He pulls out and I squirt all Over him. He tells me to open my mouth and he shoves his cock inside and I began to suck it, his moans make me even more wet as I tried to deep throat his cock.

“ Fuck baby girl I’m gonna cum.” He cums in my mouth and I swallow all of the goods and he uncuffs me. He gives me a change of clothes and I put them on as he gets dressed too and we head back to his office. Before I open the door he slaps my ass grabs me by my hair and bends me over his desk and fucks me hard while I cover my mouth to avoid anyone hearing me. As I try to exit his office he pulls to him and kisses me on the lips and says “ Dres like that again, and I won’t be able to resist.” I walked back to my desk in a daze and wanting more of him.