Aghh so tired of bullsh*t!!!

Tina • Csection on the 29th of Jan :) Can`t wait to meet my daughter

So my boyfriend and I live with my mom,dad,sister and older brother.

My boyfriend and I tried living with his parents but it didnt work out because ir was far away from town and then I fell pregnant and we couldn't deal with having to drive that far out just to get to a hospital if something happened.

Anyway my boyfriend constantly wants to be near my brother!!any chance he gets he slips into my brothers room to speak about internet,gaming,anime and it pisses me off because he doesn't help me im 24weeks so im getting bigger every day!I can't bend over without feeling breathlessly,I have headaches,boob ache,back ache and when I complain and I cry because its so bad he just brushes it off!!!He says he is tired of my attitude and me wanting him by me all the time but thats why he is here right???To help me and accommodate me and get me through this!but its like its one sided!!!!Its like you carry the child and then you look after it because I have plans next year!Did I mention he is saving his salary to buy a ps4???Did I mention how next year he wants to compete professionally but he hasnt sat down to run my tummy or pay for a doctors bill!!its all on my parents!!!And I dont think thats right!!!!!His parents are doing eff all in helping and not even encouraging him to save money!!! But anyway my brother encourages my boyfriend to spend so much time with him .My brother has never had a girlfriend and he works and then when he has free time he plays pc constantly and then he spends his salary in bullshit in the game!!When we go out I want my boyfriend by me!Walking with me,sitting by me instead of me looking like some 18year old pregnant loner!!!I feel if my brother had a girlfriend he wouldnt need to but into my relationship at every chance he gets like after my boyfriend said he is tired of my attitude my brother shouted good dude now come here!!!!Sre you effing with me!!!!!!What the eff!!!!!I understand my hormones are raging during pregnancy and my boyfriend thinks its just an excuse but gosh!!!!It makes me want to murder both of them!!!Understandable my boyfriend needs time alone and he works with ny brother from 7:30 am to 6pm daily so how much more time do they need together???????Its like they should be dating and having this baby together and im just a third wheel IN MY OWN RELATIONSHIP!!!!Aghh!!(sorry I didnt add this but we've been together for a year and a bit)