Baby girl measuring small


Yesterday I went in for my growth scan at 34w+5d and noticed when the tech was measuring my baby the measurements were coming up around 31w. I knew once they took us to another room we were getting not so good news. The doctor came in and told us that our baby is measuring small due to unknown reasons. He suggested I get the steroid injection course so that way if I have to deliver the baby early that the baby's lungs and brain can be in better shape. He did say that our baby is weighing a little over 4lbs this week, which I thought wasn't too bad.. I also did get the steroid injection course.

What concerned me is he kept saying that the baby is in a fragile state and they need to do extra monitoring so I have to go in twice a week for a NST and ultrasound to see how the baby is doing.

I am a complete mess and am so worried that something is wrong with my baby or is not getting the proper nutrients she is needing.

Also if I do have to get induced, I may have to get a C-section which I am also terrified of.