Am I being petty?

My husband and I have split shifts throughout the night for when our son cries. I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant and have an 11 month old. Lately, my husband has been fake sleeping or wanting me to get our son when he wakes during my husband’s shift, and since I feel bad for being moody on occasion, I just do it. Over the last few weeks I’ve been telling myself that I need to not be a rug and learn to say no beings I’m overly tired with pregnancy, work 65+ hours a week, and have been having insomnia. Last night my son, who has a room downstairs, began to cry during my husband’s shift. I usually wait it out a bit in hopes that he will self soothe. I decided to take one of my 20 bathroom trips after waking from his cries. I laid back down and my husband told me that I should go give him a bottle so he stops. I told him no, that it was his shift. He responded with ‘it’s your fucking feet walking that woke him in the first place’. He did go feed our soon, but what the hell. I feel like that is no way to speak to your spouse. Would anyone else hold a mini grudge?