My husband is such a embarrassment to be in public with ..

He thinks he’s being funny but it’s really not.

I can see the looks we get from people when he’s doing some bullshit.

It’s really disgusting how he treats me or my kids when we’re out in public like an restaurant

He would keep telling my toddler to say “mommy’s fat, mommy’s ugly, mommy’s a cow” this and that

Or he’ll make her cry but bothering her saying she’s fat or she’s not gonna get food or fake slapping her.

Dude, seriously.

People probably look at us and wonder why the fuck I’m with this pos.

And I know a lot of you will say that too

To leave him, divorce him

But it’s easier said then done

It’s not because I don’t have any self respect, it’s just that I have to figure out my future if I want to leave him and a future alone with two daughters to raise takes time to happen, I can’t just take my girls and keep them in a shelter or on the street . But I just can’t help but wonder , what the fuck goes on his mind? Like does he think he’s being funny and he’ll get attention? Because that’s what it seems like and trust me he does get attention but it’s really not the attention he wants , he just doesn’t realize .