Feeling discouraged 😣


I just need to vent! I’m 39 weeks tomorrow, the doctor said I’m only a fingertip dilated & long. The same as the week before. (Which I’ve heard can change very quickly but still bummed to hear it hasn’t changed even a little since the last appt) The Doctor let a student doctor do my appt (didn’t even ask if it was okay) and she said she could try a sweep but the one I had the week before hurt and this one wasn’t even really uncomfortable so I really don’t think she did anything. I was extremely crampy after the last one and felt like baby dropped a bit, this time I felt no changes at all. I haven’t lost my mucus plug, don’t get Braxton Hicks, nothing. I would just love a little sign that things are progressing just a little. 😣

My first was born at 37 weeks on the dot, I had a c section because my water broke and she was breech. I’m trying for a VBAC this time and baby is measuring a bit big, now I just feel like I’m going to go past my due date and baby is going to be big and I’m going to go through all this just to end up with another csection in the end. 😭 I’m so uncomfortable and done being pregnant but it’s not even about that, I don’t mind waiting and feeling like crap, I just feel like the longer this goes the less likely my VBAC is and I really had my heart set on it. 🙁

Ultimately, baby’s going to come out when ready, and it’ll go however it goes, but I just want to mope for a bit because pent up frustration (darn hormones!) isn’t helping anything. 🙁