Hey ladies,

I want you guys to please Pray for me I been in a mental abuse relationship. Lord if you guys only knew I am finally have balls to leave. After 7 kids I'm so dumb This man been cheating since high school days. I forgave him over the years and then just found out he was going back and forth with me and this girl living with her and then spending days with me . Sad!! Im so hurt I waisted all these years. I'm pregnant with his 7 child and I leaving and taking the kids . Moving out of state. He thinks I'm not suppose to love anyone else but him. He lies inn my face. I think I caught him fucking a girl when he accidentally pocket call me I know what I heard. He says oh it was me moving around getting in the car. Yeah okay!! I was 14 when I met him here I am almost 28 all these years he fuck aound on me. mental abuse me . Call me names.

I'm leaving and having this baby alone it's going to be a struggle but I can't go through this anymore. I need to be strong for my babies. I'm so stupid I let this man do this to me i use to be so happy. You what he told me .No man will ever want a women with 7 kids

He said I was so stupid and something is wrong with my brain. And I will never love no man and be happy

I really have trust issues now I'm so scared to go out in the world I scared of every man that talks to me. I'm so mess up . He expects me to clean after him as if I'm his maid. He dont cook nor clean. And if I get tired and want to rest he will start saying I'm fat and lazy

And tell my children he's going to take them to be with a real women role model. Or if I forget something at the store mind you I have 6 kids and pregnant it's not Easy . He will go off and say how could you forget this item at the store you so stupid and can't remember things . I'm the only one that goes shopping around here.

But I'm just here to vent i can't talk to anyone pls no negativity. I' finally coming out

I have really bad anxiety now :(