Tw pregnancy after 20 week loss


Tw pregnancy mentioned

I’m 14 weeks 2 days pregnant I was supposed to get my mfm referral over a month ago when I went to my next check up a few weeks ago I asked them what is the hold up because since I pprom at 20 weeks exactly last time I’m getting more and more anxious every day I just feel like crying today they said that they were so sorry but the dr never submitted the request and they had to submit it and put a rush on it here I am over a week later and they haven’t called me I need to call ASAP tomorrow when I lost my daughter they said they would be giving a lot of intervention my next pregnancy and now that it’s here I haven’t gotten any care besides my regular check ups and I’m just a mess I had horrible morning sickness that has subsided and it is freaking me out I feel normal the other day I had a dream I had the baby early again and it freaked me out then my sister called to check on me cause she said she had a bad dream about me but wouldn’t tell me what it was I’m probably gonna go get an elective ultrasound today because I don’t know how else to ease my mind

My baby lost at 20 weeks