Constantly bleeding

Hi all :)
​I've been having quite the opposite problem lately of all that I see in here but, has anyone have problems with bleeding for a long period of time? Like month and a half?
​I've seen a doctor, talked to the other one, I'm on a pill, all is 'fine' with me except that I'm constantly bleeding...
​Not much. Light red spotting... But it's been almost every day, or at least every third day for almost two months.
​I've even changed pills and started using a stronger hormonal one recommended by the doctor.
​So the bleeding stoped for 10 days, then started again and now it's been month and a half again.
​I've had this problem since last November.
​Always had heavy periods and alway been on a pill to control them. All was fine until recently....
​I'm 35 years old, don't have a partner but would love to have kids one day.
​Thanks so much for reading this!!