Domestic Travel

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My husband has been working out of state since late October. We have been working on getting me a job there and selling our home here so myself and our two kids can move to be with him. Unfortunately we started the whole process right before things got crazy with the world. Now I don't see our home selling quickly and most places definitely won't be hiring at this point.

We haven't seen him in almost a month and he's scheduled to fly home for the weekend tomorrow. It's 11 hours so too far to drive in a weekend. But I'm getting cold feet about him coming through the airports. Me and my children are staying with my parents (late 50s) while our home is on the market. I just feel like this whole thing is out of control and I don't know the right choice to make right now. I really want a few days with my husband but not at the cost of endangering ourselves or others. But if not this weekend things will get even worse and it won't even be a possibility. Is it still low enough risk that we shouldn't worry? What would you do?