Daily check in 3/22

Whitney • DS 💙 2/17/17

Goodness gracious, y’all. March is flying by! I trust that y’all are having a safe and family-filled “bonding” experience with the virus quarantine. I was wondering yesterday how y’all are doing with groceries, toilet paper, essentials, etc. it’s sad. We are such country/Cajun folk that I haven’t changed a single thing (except not working). Just had a cow and pig butchered last month (should last all year-so much meat), fish in our pond and we grow our own fruits and veggies. How are y’all managing with all of this?

P.s. my parents now installed bidets in their house instead of fighting for toilet paper lol 🙄

Also, I love y’all! We got this 💪🏼 how y’all been feeling? What’s coming up this week for everyone?