Always swollen lymph nodes in neck

Ok before anyone tells me to go to the doctor, I plan on it, once everything with the virus calms down bc healthcare is already overwhelmed. Just trying to see if anyone experiences the same.

A few weeks ago I got a really bad sinus infection. My lymph nodes were really swollen for obvious reasons and they hurt. Took antibiotics and they immediately went down and sinus infection was resolved. Well they’re swollen again but I feel fine. And a few years ago I was getting a physical for a job and the doctor asked if I recently was sick and I said no why and he said cause your lymph nodes are swollen. And I said oh idk I feel fine and he said great and let me leave.

It’s just weird the drastic change from huge to super small to pretty big again except I’m not sick and thinking back they always seem kinda swollen.

Anyone have a similar experience?