Teacher won’t ask me to participate

So I am a weaker student than the others, and I know it. However the only reason for that was because my mental health was in a bad state (I got rejected by all my university applications except from one, and that hit me so hard so I lost all my motivation and didn’t want to study, thus underperforming).

I’m having now an online chemistry lesson, and I’m not asked to talk for anything. Also last lesson the same thing happened. Everyone was asked to speak 1-2 times each and I spoke zero times. I literally know the complete answers to everything, and he keeps putting other people (that don’t even give the details that I would). He doesn’t even give me the chance. If we were in class I would put my hand up to answer but now I can’t because it’s only an audio call so he puts who he wants to speak.

I don’t know if this is childish to you, but it really hurts my feelings. I don’t know if it happens by accident or if he just not want me to “waste his time” or confuse the others with my “wrong answers”, but I think it ends up touching the discrimination boundaries of “only the good students should talk”.