Ugh so annoying

So I’m 18 I had a baby last year and I wanted to abort but my mom didn’t let me she said I had to have it that it wasn’t the babies fault so now a have a baby n she’s starting to walk n stuff n sometimes she falls n my mom is like you don’t know how to take care of her. I didn’t want a baby in the first place she basically forced me to have her. Now I’m a single mom since her dad left me. I love her but it just annoys me when she says stuff like that... then my brother says how would you abort a baby.?? Like dude it’s my body.!! I love her tho i wouldn’t put her to adoption or anything it’s just annoying when my mom says that.. I dont want to put her to adoption I love her like I said it’s just annoying how my mom says that.

Thanks for everybody’s opinions.! I just want to let everyone know I love her and I want to keep her and I do take good care of her just that sometimes she falls when she tries to walk..