Food you can keep in your room?

Hi idk where to ask this, but I'm super broke and have no money to handle this quarantine properly.

Can anyone leave tips for what kind of foods/ snacks don't require cooking and are still cheap?

I need to keep food in my room (long story situation) and all I have is a toaster so I'm getting bread and peanut butter and maybe some cereal I can eat dry. Maybe some canned food like tuna or fruit that I can eat from the can too.

Idk. Any suggestions are welcome ty

You guys are suggesting good things but my iron/sugar drops late at night since I don't eat a lot, and I get yelled at for going to the kitchen at night so I need to keep things in my room

I only have like $10 and it has to kind of last a while too. I have an old toaster in my room so I want to get pb& bread (if I can find it in the store rn) since it will last at least a week and then whatever else I can find