Exercise induced asthma?

So, today during gym class, we did the pacer test. If you don't know what this is, it's where you run across the gym back and forth the gym in a certain time limit each time. I did this 22 times, afterwards it hurt to breathe deeply, I was wheezing, and I had a really bad cough. I actually have the cough still, and this was 5-6 hours ago. My doctor said it was a possibility I have EIA. If I tell my parents, they'll think I'm over exaggerating because I hate running and they know that. I am a little bit overweight for my age at 153 pounds while I am in middle school. I was wheezing so hard during the running that you could almost hear my voice in the wheeze-ness. How am I supposed to convince my parents to maybe take me to a doctor or something? Or at least believe me? They WILL think I'm lying to get out of running. I have no doubt of that. And it would be awkward to just tell them exactly what happened out loud. If I tell my mom over text, she will most likely say I'm fine. My dad would just say to deal with it. Help?
Oh yeah, this sometimes happens when I try really hard in running during gym class. Thanks!