Britain on benefits.

There are so many young women nowadays in Britain walking around with like five children. I believe the problem of young girls getting pregnant for benefits is more of an issue over here. I live in London and there are SO MANY women in their 20's or under with black/white children, mix race children and pregnant with one on the way (God knows of what race)
Disclaimer: I'm NOT racist. The race is NOT my point here. 
My point is they're sleeping and getting pregnant with obviously more than one man at such a young age. Not wearing protection. They live in ugly flats and shout at their children mostly using language such as 'get out the fucking way and fucking co-operate' to their child and pulling aggressively at their arms. You literally see them with 2 buggies and 3 kids walking off in to god knows where. The mother smoking a fag or on her phone. I've seen the children walk into the road and their mother wasn't paying the slightest attention. I've had to stop them. The fathers are NOWHERE to be seen. 
My question is: Do you think these women are getting pregnant just to claim child benefits or not? Cause I certainly do.  

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