Never got a positive on a ovulation test :(

Keely • Married to my best friend. 💍 Pregnant with our sweet boy rainbow baby. Due date 7/2/2019 💕
So last month was our first month ttc. We followed the most basic rules. The first time we started having sex was 4 days past the end of my period. I we did it like every other day. I don't remember exactly when I started taking the ovulation test but none of them ever came out positive. This month I'm going to start tracking my BBT, CM, and taking ovulation tests again. It'll be my first month tracking CM so I won't be a pro lol. I'm wondering how come I never got a positive on my ovulation tests and what I can do to keep my chances of pregnancy up high if I never got a positive?! Also is there anything else i can do to help know when i ovulate? Thanks for reading! Baby dust to all <3