How I found out

Jessica♡ • Mom of a 7 year old boy, 3 year old girl, and a baby boy born June 27.
I got off of the birth control pill in July to try to have my third child. By September I was starting to worry because I've heard so many people get pregnant immediately after getting off the pill. I started having pain during intercourse in September. I made an appointment with my obgyn on October the 6th. She scheduled an appointment for an ultrasound on the 14th to see if I had cysts. It turns out I had a ruptured cyst and the lining of my uterus was thick, which she said is an early sign of pregnancy. On the 20th she did a blood pregnancy test which came out negative. I was expecting af the Sunday that followed and it didn't show. So on Wednesday The 28th I decided to buy a cheap test thinking it had to be negative, but it was POSITIVE😍 I was so shocked because of the test I had at the doctors a week prior that was negative. I will be 6 weeks this Sunday and we are so happy❤