Bad things always happen to good people :(

Jessica • Angel Mom of 6; Lailah Star 8/5/16 Expecting my 7th July 2018

This week has been rough.....I'm venting because I know we're all here for each other.

I didn't know I was pregnant and November 1st I miscarried 😭 it was very unexpected and I thought my period was just coming early....was not the case at all. It was very heart breaking because if I would have known I was, maybe it could have been prevented. I could of got into the doctors since I'm high risk already. But it wasn't even expected because it would have been too early too find out too. But everything happens for a reason!!! I just have to keep my head up and stay strong! My partner and I plan to still have our future rainbow baby, but right now isn't the right time iguess 😕 Our baby will come when it's right! I've been through this before.....but not knowing was very heart breaking. I am a strong woman!!! ❤❤