Perhaps I'm taking a chance with this post

Patty • Patty Ann-Wife and Mother

o I've spent countless times trying to find an answer to a very specific question.

My 3 year old son is special needs, also has trouble with speech as in he doesn't talk like he should be for his age. Yes hes enrolled in the headstart program and has his IEP also enrolled in special education.

When he was in the birth to three program they dont think he's autistic, but as a mother who knows her son I'm gonna have him retested in the future.

Anyways I've noticed more and more that he freaks out when he sees me touch my face like rubbing my eyes, covering my face with my hands. He literally has an outburst where he screams and cries until I stop and he can see me again.

I'm just wondering if this is normal and a sensory issue. Oh and for the past few months or so especially the last month hes been lining his toys in a row and I dont know why but he used to like baths and the bubbles but be hates getting a bath now and screams and cries like he's being tortured. I'm frustrated that whatever research I've been doing I cant seem to find any sort of answers.

I'm just curious if anyone has experienced this type of behavior or close to it....

Thank you.

So before you tell me to go to see his pediatrician......Yes I'll be bringing up all of this with his pediatrician when this lockdown is over.