Rant about my selfish mom

Daelyn • Happily married and mama to Finn Charlton + Ellis Jameson👦🏼👶🏼💕
She lives in my hometown 3 hours away from where my husband and I live. We want to break our lease and move to a cheaper place to ensure that we can save for our son who is coming in April. She refuses to accept the idea of us NOT coming to live with her. We are hard-working adults. Not teenagers. My husband is working in his career and I have a good job and am finishing school. She wants us to move in with her and my step dad and little brother and sister because "babies are expensive and we have no idea what we're doing or what the big picture is like" I'm so pissed off that I started crying. She is mad because me and the baby won't be in the same house as her so she isn't speaking to me. Ugh I hate my mom sometimes. Sorry for the vent sesh.