Driving myself crazy - low beta but super dark tests!


Hi all! Basically exactly what the title says..

I got a faint positive at 14 dpo and then a positive digital at 15 dpo (which I thought was a good sign! Never had a positive digital before)! I immediately called for bloodwork since my last was a chemical. The hcg at 15DPO came back at 20 which the doctor said was low, so he wanted to retest at 17dpo. When they called with that result they said no change and called it a “false positive”, but my test lines are getting sooo much darker... pics attached.

14-16 top to bottom

17 DPO - day of my second beta

18 & 19 DPO

Why did my hcg have no change but my lines are so much darker? I thought the darkness of your line was somewhat of a sign of hcg but maybe I’m wrong. Any advice, stories, similar situations?

Thanks!!! 😊