Wanted to talk about relationship neglect abandonment

High school sweethearts boyfriend got locked up in jail for two years, every day he would call me especially at night every day he would write to me. He gets out of jail is acting funny like I don't matter, I try making it work, you know being in jail so long we have sex. After I noticed he treated me bad like why was I even there attitude. After going to prom together, after me being there for him for two years he ran. We "split" I was pregnant and alone, I walked out in the cold waiting for him to get home from work at 1am 2am in the freezing cold, I stayed up past ten pm, I stressed. He keeps telling me to sit at my parents home until he gets it together meanwhile he's going to casinos having friends over and doesn't see me on my birthday, doesn't see me weekends, after work, turns off his phone. So what do I think cheating. To make things worse he says this is a relationship, barely any texting he gets interested then loses interest, I tell him let's go shopping baby stuff he yells at me to go online search online and tell him how much. I tell him its your first child you should be doing this he says I don't have enough time. Supposedly he's working for me and the baby but I haven't seen any of that money for Food, maternity clothes. I don't understand how some one can need you so much be so desperate in love especially in prison and just like that when I need him he just losses interest. I feel like I'm in maleficent the movie :/ instead of all these happy couples so please pray I find a good man and a good man finds us both.