Helpppp ! Please anyone ?


Hello Dolls. I just wanted to share my story to see if anyone is going thru this or went thru this.

My last AF was Sept. 11 thru Sept. 15, I'm a regular 28 day cycle. My SOwas out of town & he came over the weekend I was on my period but of course we bd Sept. 13. As October approach I was not worried about AF since we only had sex on Sept. 13 and AF was here, but cruel AF didn't show up at all during the month of October, my SO came back October 15 & of course we bd. I took a test October 17 & October 20 but bfn. That's was the last test I took. Is there a chance I might be pregnant ? Or what else can be causing this ? I have a doctors appointment but until December 19.