Highly Recommend!

TayloredforMitch • 40ish TTC wife and mother of two...and one beautiful baby boy born asleep👼🏽 and two MMC.

I began taking Evening Primrose Oil Supplements at the beginning of this cycle and it has changed the game with my CM! I read reviews on it and how it has help alot of women conceive having better CM.

I'm on CD9 but I began to notice that on CD7 it was very moist, slippery, and excessive anytime I wiped after using the bathroom. It looked like perfect CM for TTC but I am not O. My AF is only 4 days long and I started seeing these results on day 7. DH talked about it last night after we had sex. He said that it was wet, and creamy white like snot (TMI) if you can imagine that.

You take them beginning on CD1 and discontinue them when you ovulate. If you dont conceive that cycle, then you start the process all over on CD1 of your next cycle. I suggest doing your own research but I highly recommend them.