Has a relationship ever messed you up/changed you in a bad way?

My relationship with my bf over the years has messed me up. I’m only realizing it now. I’m not going to end this relationship bc it’s been 3 years and despite me getting messed up at the beginning, our relationship is so much better now.

I’ve become more shy bc I no longer felt confident — he noticed this a year and a half ago and is trying really hard to make me feel confident again.

I never had a problem with my body and now I do — this was because he would notice other women, and it made me feel uncomfortable and now he treats me like I’m the only woman in the room but it still doesn’t help bc I don’t seek his validation, only my own.

I’m mentally exhausted from just having a bf, like in the way that I have to talk to him everyday. I love talking to him, but I don’t want to talk about my day everyday, I don’t want to have to text him in the morning after I wake up and sometimes I want to just not tell him things bc I want them as my own, simple things like the new tv show I started, or a new book I found or whatever else.