Please help :( brown discharge


I have had brownish discharge everytime I go to the bathroom for almost a week now. I'm worried I have low progesterone or an ectopic pregnancy but I can't reach anyone for answers.

I got blood tests LAST Friday and no one has gotten back to me. I've been trying to reach my doctor for 2 days and they haven't answered me, I tried calling compunet to see what the results were and they don't answer.

I have called the OB but they won't see you until 8 weeks and I'm only 6.5 weeks along. All they offered was more blood tests at compunet who has taken a week to get back for just hcg levels and progesterone.

Isn't this time sensitive?? I feel like I'm doing everything to make sure I have a healthy pregnancy and no one is helping :( I am so sad I've known for weeks I was pregnant and still don't even have my initial blood test results.

I don't know what to do.