When to inseminate?

I say "inseminate" because I am with a female partner so there's no sex with a man involved. But my question is for anyone!
​We will finally be starting TTC next cycle. I do not ovulate on my own so my MD is starting me on Clomid. I should be ovulating right around the first week of April!
​My questions:
​1.  Any recommendations on OPKs?  I was thinking of using Clearblue Advanced. 
​2. When should we inseminate?  We plan on doing 2 inseminations (sperm isn't cheap!) so I want to make the most of it. If we use Clearblue, should I do it the first day I get the flashing smiley, and then 2 days later (in theory my peak day)?  
​Any help would be appreciated!!!