Amaya • Momma of 2❤️

I’m honestly so grateful for everything in my life right now! We’ve had a hard time lately and now I feel like I can breathe! I started working a few weeks ago and about a week ago I stated school to become a medical assistant. Well, with me working at 4am every morning I was exhausted. I’m finally starting to not be as tired. My husband on Tuesday broke is ankle which meant he is out of work. Since he works for a small business he didn’t want to cost his boss more money by claiming worker’s compensation since he hurt himself on the job. Well I was stressed because I didn’t know if I was going to have to stop my breastfeeding just to get more hours as he was the bread winner. Well, we went and talked to his boss and he is getting paid his normal wage! So now I’m less stressed because I get to still breastfeed and I have him home all day long so he helps me keep an eye on our two year old so I can get homework done. I’m currently passing all of my tests so far! And thanks to Penn Foster I get to do it all online for $60 a month❤️