Just went through a break up


Is it wrong that I wanted to be happy, but my so now called ex dragged me down. Is it wrong that he called me fat all the time and I didn’t care. Is it wrong that now I love to workout because I want to and not for him. Is it wrong that I am happy to be bisexual and not be the person he wants to change me too. Is it wrong that I love myself now than being with him. He manipulated me for 5 months and wanted to dump me 4 days before our 6 months. So I dumped him first and cried for a few days and now I realized that I am better off without him than me being with him. I just got my hair dyed is that wrong? Because I don’t think it is wrong because I am being myself and not someone else. Was it wrong that I promised we would stay together forever? And I broke it. Our relationship was really toxic. He made me do things that I didn’t want too. He made me buy something to please him. He made me wear clothes that he liked all the time. Is it wrong that I was blind until now. Please let me know if I was wrong this whole time.