Husband's family

So recently with the coronavirus shit going on my in laws are on high alert since we have a 2 year old daughter. So today I was asleep and my daughter fell of the bed for the 3rd time while we were all sleeping. Naturally they fucking blamed me since the falls happen when I'm asleep with her. His parents are flipping out on me for sleeping often. I believe I have narcolepsy, but I need to see a doctor first. Anyways they are blaming me also for my husband being home and receiving unemployment. I don't work either and I can't file for unemployment. I'm looking for work and the place I apply to she won't approve since I have citizenship so I shouldn't work in fast food or restaurants according to them. They blame me for anything their son doesn't do and for whatever happens to my daughter. I'm tired of the constant blaming on me when I can't even fucking parent my child because they threaten to take her away. I was depressed at one point and they threaten to tell my parents because I'm suicidal in their home. I changed for the better. They insisted that they never gave me reason to be depressed when they clearly have. They make fun of my image and weight. They also judge my parenting when their kids talk shit on them and don't mind getting in fight with them. I don't know what should I do at this point. I love my husband, but his family is going to be the death of me. I can't go live with my family because they also started trouble with my husband and I don't want to get into another problem too.