Let me rant about something juvenile for a second

I know there’s way bigger issues in the world right now but damn this shits been bothering me and I just gotta get it off my chest somewhere.

My husband has this one friend who is so into gossip and drama and I’m so over it. We all went to the same high school but that was OVER A DECADE ago and it’s like she lives in this high school drama phase. Whenever we see her she’s trying to gossip about how some guy from high school hit her up to flirt, and the first few times I was like “Oh damn, Anthony is trying to get some lol” but now she’s said it so many times about so many people that I just don’t buy it anymore. Also because everyone knows she’s been dating the same guy for like 7 years now, and she’s not that attractive IMO.

She also ALWAYS brings up people my husband slept with before we got together and to me it feels like shes just trying to start drama. She’ll say something annoying like “Yeah, David knows Sarah” (not real names) in like a suggestive voice and when I’m like “lol, what happened?” she giggles and won’t say but proceeds to talk and “hint” about some story that I don’t know. So juvenile, like bitch I’m not tripping about it, I’m just trying to be a part of the conversation. Meanwhile this just makes my husband uncomfortable and embarrassed. Obviously I know he’s slept with other people and I really don’t care. We have a baby together and he’s a wonderful amazing loyal man so I don’t give a shit about something that happened 10 years ago. But I don’t like being excluded from conversations when I’m sitting RIGHT THERE.

Some of the stories she’s told are legitimately embarrassing for him, and it’s obvious that it makes him feel embarrassed. And it does bother me that it feels like she’s bringing these things up because she thinks it will bother me and start drama between in our relationship. Maybe she’s hoping for some new gossip to go share with other old high school friends. Idk.

Ugh I feel better. Thanks for reading my rant if you made it this far. I’d never say anything to her or to my husband about how irritating I find her gossip/drama because by playing it cool, I feel like I win 😎 But it feels good to get it out, anonymously.