Question is - does anyone give their baby medicine for acid reflux.

I have a 4 month d, since day one we have been battling reflux, she can’t burp with out spitting up and it’s always more then a tbs. Sometimes it’s thick, white, sometimes it’s been 2 hours after she ate and just spews up clear liquid. Anyways I tell her dr every time I see her she tells us his very normal but finally sent us to get a sonogram of her GI tract, so we went for results within 2 hours and the results were 5 major spit up and 1 minor spit up in a 10 mins period. She tells me nothing is wrong tho that’s it’s normal she will grow out of it and they don’t give meds out for reflux.

HOW IS SPITTING UP 6 TIMES IN 10 MINS NORMAL!!! I don’t understand. We do half and half breast milk and formula so we switched her over to A.R. Formula she seems a little better but has still spit up even after.