Choroid plexus cyst


So around 19 weeks they found a cyst on my baby’s brain. They took my blood and the results back ruled out the cyst of being anything concerning. I’m now 29 weeks and when I asked my doctor if I could have an ultrasound to see if it’s dissolved he said it wasn’t necessary because my blood test coming back negative if it was to be anything. But I deserve to know and WANT to know if it’s dissolved regardless if my blood test ruled it out. I want a peace of mind knowing it’s gone.. I deserve that.

Has anything experienced this and did you get a second ultrasound to see if it’s dissolved? Also, if your baby had a cyst on his/her brain, did your baby come out “normal” I hate to word it like that, but even though my tests results ruled it out to be anything concerning, I still would like to hear everyone’s experiences and how their baby is?!