What are your thoughts?


Hey all,

It’s our first month TTC and I’m very excited and probably a little too addicted to this app. I wanted to come on and share my experience and see what you guys think is happening... implantation or weird period?

According to the apps that I use, I ovulated June 10. We baby danced twice on the 9th and again on the 10th. About 9 DPO (June 19)I started getting cramps and spotting- I’ve never spotted before in my life so this was weird. My period isn’t due until the 24th but I had spotting for 2.5 days and I had cramps the whole time like I would with a period. I’ve also been getting headaches which is very unusual for me too. The blood was mostly dark brown with a little bit of red. Other than the headaches, I feel fine- totally normal. Maybe a little more fatigued than usual but I’ll chalk that up to the reduced amount of caffeine. I took a test today (clear blue early results) and it was a BFN. Did I test too early? Trying to decide if this month was a wash or if there is still hope...

Baby dust to you all! Xx