Ungiving boyfriend? Story time

So let me start off by saying my boyfriend can be pretty cheap.

I am not. I dont spend carelessly but I buy what I want in my means and also do the same for him. I love spoiling him.

So for major days, birthday, valentines, christmas, I go all out! He gives me gifts for these occassions too, but I’m always doing and giving more. I dont have a problem with me giving more, to me its just a thought that counts. I know I can be excessive, so I’m ok with not expecting as much from others.

However, we both got new jobs recently. When he got his, he kept asking what we would do to celebrate. Long story short, I got him a super nice gift, so much encouragement and love, and we were supposed to go to dinner together but we ended up going with his family instead.

Fast forward to me, I got a job also. He showed alot of excittment when I got the job but has since never given me anything or mentioned wanting to do something even small to celebrate me, even when I mention, “hey what should we do to celebtate?” I know this sounds horrible, but its not that I need an expensive gift or dinner but I want at least some celebration given towards me too. Its been 2 weeks since I got the job and nothing more than a congrats and I’m proud.

I wouldnt be worried usually because like I said he is cheap, but he just spent thousands of dollars on furniture way after I tokd him the news. So he has money. Its just he doesnt seem willing to spend a ton on me.

How do I bring this up without souding greedy and like I need something? Like I said, its not about the material item or fancy diner, its just about feeling like I’m worth something to him when I always go above and beyond for him. Am I wrong?